Second Blog Random Thoughts

Random personal drawing, by me. Chinwe

Hello again

So I made it to a second blog post!! So with this post, I would like to talk a little about some goals I have for my self and address some bad habits. I have noticed that I have many different business ideas I would like to start but often fail to execute. I recently turned 29 years old June, 8th and by 30 I would like to have at the very least $100,000 in my bank account. Right now, at the rate, I am going this goal is purely laughable, but I feel I have acquired many skills that are required to make a substantial income online.

Currently, I have a Shopify store that has been keeping me afloat and allows me to be self-employed. My current income presently covers the basics, pays rent, food, car, but not enough to save or travel. I could make 4X what I am currently building with this business, but I honestly no longer want to continue the company, for this reason, I also won’t be sharing much of what I would call my Side Hustle, on this blog.

Recently I started another business While advertising my side hustle on Instagram a woman with a loan business contacted me and asked if I could try to bring her customers looking for a Business Loan and she would give me half her commission. Three Loans later I was paid, so was born. I brought three more customers in a row and was promised half as usual. The total commission she received from the Three loans was around $16,000 my half was supposed to be about $8,000. Unfortunately, I never heard back from her. Luckily I was able to get one of the funding companies information before she disappeared, and I will now be working with them directly, without having to split the commission.  The company recommend that I change the name of my company because there is a term in the loan industry called Stacking Loans, where business owners get multiple loans at once, which would be a negative look on the company. Currently still thinking of names. I have a couple other business I am trying to start that I will later discuss in another blog.

Am tired of writing for the day. I didn’t cover all I planned on including mentioned the first paragraph in this post, but hope continue in the next post. I really want this blog to be more like a stress-free notepad. I don’t want to spend more than 30 to 45 mins writing and editing a post. This particular post was timed for about 30 mins. I decided I will add a bit of creativity to each post by adding some self made art. I am neither an artist or a writer, so know any art I post is just as amature as my writing, each piece will be either drawn or made with my iPad with 30 to 45 mins. For now, I will post something from my Instagram account. But this should encourage me to draw more.

Thanks for your time, till next time Chinwe