Chinwe’s first blog

This is me Chinwe, with my sisters dog Chip

Hello world, my name is Chinwe Onwudiwe and this is my first blog.

I have always wanted to start a blog, but like many others never had the courage to start. I also have zero writing skills and even fewer grammar skills. Recently I met a girl from Denmark, who blogs for a living, but because English is not her first language, she often made many grammatical and spelling errors yet she still makes $10g to $15g a month solely on her blogs and affiliate links. After speaking with, I haven’t been able to get blogging out of my mind.

Today is June 7th, 2018, and I am on a plane flight back to Los Angeles,

After spending 11 days in Ohio for my youngest sisters graduation, on the plane on the way back to Los Angeles is when I have decided to start this blog.

What will I be talking about?

I am not sure what this blog page will be about. I think I would it to be a little more personal. More like a diary, where I can talk about my self, family friends, and how I make money online.

Since August of 2016, I have not had a real job. I have tried part-time jobs like Uber and doordash, for not more than 2 months each time. But now I mainly just generate leads online and have been surviving through online work. I will be talking about what I do online on this blog. In hopes that someone doing better will add a comment or two that can help me be more profitable in my search to make money online.

My flight just landed am now in Atlanta. Next flight to La

How often will I write?

I have no idea, this may be my only post, hopefully not. Am pretty good at quitting things. I don’t know much about blogging, but I definitely know one thing. I am not a writer. My main interest in this blog is really to gain some understanding of how blogs work. I personally don’t follow any bloggers or know of any popular bloggers. Throughout the years I have read and watched many many videos and articles about the benefits of blogs and how it is one of the most powerful tools of marketing. So I would like to see how followers are generated through just blogging and how I can use it to my to my advantage in my search to make a living online.

Comment follow and subscribe please, till next time